It's a cloud service for windows, doors and
pellucid products' sellers, their customers and vendors
We have created united informational space for
Market participants of windows, doors, facades and pellucid products:
To manage customer relationships
To analyze indicators and change the strategy
To design, count and post your order
To train and motivate your staff
To interact with other users
To work in interfaces in any language
To use your own private cloud
Our industry cloud features
key areas of service development
Order Calculation In The Cloud
Several CAD in your browser
and cost calculation from several manufactures simultaneously
CRM & Telephony
Industry CRM solution with cloud telephony support
Tasks & Calendars
Planning of work of all departments: own tasks,
schedules of measurements, delivery and installations
Mailings & Notifications
Scripting messages and notifying users based on
events (SMS, email PDF, viber, whatsapp, telegram)
Employee Motivation
There are any algorithms for the calculation of wages
and additional bonuses even in the ordering process
Training Staff
Placement of interactive training materials and tests based on them with the possibility of creating ratings
Analytics & Forecasting
There are some powerful tools
of Data Visualizations: Dashboads, multiple reporting form generators
We create or change business processes and interfaces for working with them with special requirements
Web Interface Illustrations
our service works on tablets and smartphones
We have desktop applications
complementary cloud service
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